October 31, 2010

kids rooms

I'm starting to get to the age that many of my friends are either pregnant or have already have kids. So here is some inspiration for you!:)

This interlocking "puzzle" carpet is by
Permafrost and is called Bear.
Carpet by Reuger Henning.

Cozy corner. I remember loving to make cubby houses under tables, in the car, in trees. Why not creating a cozy corner for your kid!
Blackboard paint can be bought in most paint specialized shops nowadays! A great way of stimulating the next Picasso or Pollack!
This is awesome! This is something you should ask an architect or builder to help you with as you don't want your kids falling to the ground.
A firemans escape pole in "my scandanavian retreat".

Looking for a quicker (and more fun) way to go down stairs? Here you have it!
Loft by London Architects.
Hiding spot!
An insert in a kids room by H20 architects.
A room by H20 architects.
Talk about a cool idea! This is an indoor climbing wall! If you're going to use these make sure that the wall is solid!

October 30, 2010



Knautia arvensis
Dipsacus pilosus
Chender Poree


October 24, 2010

green green grass

Chelsea garden show is held at the end of May every year. They have different padiglions organized by various garden designers and landscape designers. They're either divided by country or category. These are some pics from a few years ago (2008?) so perhaps they're not completly "in fashion" but some of them are classics. For example the Betulla in the photo above: a unique tree for its white slim trunk. Also its leaves have different colours on either side (one side is more shiney and reflective) so when the wind blows it creates a really nice effect.
Other very architectural plants are obviously the Bamboo! It's been a classic for quite some time and I understand why!

October 22, 2010

Get your dirty feet off my beautiful carpet!

These carpets from Permafrost are just soo cute!: "Silence", "Stories" and "Green".

October 21, 2010

books books books

Vigo Russel _ Pinch bookshelf. The composition of these boxes works really well together. A trend I have been seeing lately is in fact this stacking of boxes.
MDF _ random
By attaching the bottom book to the L it looks as if the books are magically attached to the wall.

Featured once before.. The bookshelf "foundation" by Hubert.
I saw this bookshelf for the first time looking through a magazine when I was at the dentists. This is "Nova" sold at Bolia in Sweden.

Muuto has a nice collection and one of my favorite items is their bookshelf "stack".

A more well-known bookshelf from Ikea. This is "expedit". They also have a collection of boxes that one can combine.

just hangin'

Muuto_the dots_painted wood.
It's a bit hard to tell, but these "dots" are pretty big. It's a nice detail on an otherwise empty wall.
Muuto_the dots_wood
gum hooks. I love the playfulness of these.
Ai ai captain!
The famous arrow hangers..

Hubert_splay clothes hanger

Chop stick_wardrobe