May 19, 2015

Bathroom renovation_material choice

We have recently started renovating the apartment that we bought. I've just orderd all the materials for the bathrooms. Here is a selection of some of the things that we've chosen.
The first item I fell in love with were the tiles! Industrial by Floorgres. I finally found an amazing deal at an outlet where someone had orderd way too many tiles for a large job, so I basically got the Taupe colour at 1/8th of the original price! I had to order the 2nd colour (moka). After that, I found the shower which I also fell in love with. Marmogres, as far as I understood it, is a sort of porcelain created from the left-overs of when marble is cut mixed with other stone. The effect that is created is just gorgeous. A rough finishing and just 2,5cm high allows one to sink the shower into the floor, creating continuity with the floor. Since our apartment building was built in the early 50s, the height was fundamental in creating this effect. The shower glass is fixed, in order to create a walk-in shower. The whole shower area is 150 x 90cm and the glass is 100cm and 195cm high.
The master bathroom has a bathtub (teuco), toilet (flaminia with slim-line seat), stone sink (iperceramica), drawers (ikea), and tap (lineabeta).
The general bathroom has a large shower: 150 x 90cm walk-in. Shower in marmogres (h 2,5cm) with a fixed glass, toilet and bidet (flaminia slim-line seat), stone sink (iperceramica), drawers (ikea), and tap (lineabeta). 

Flaminia Toilet and Bidet

Bathtub _ Teuco 280 euro + 108 euro for drain. Outlet Teuco.

Sink tap_ Linea Lineabeta

Bathtub tap_Tricolore Cristina

Shower VENTICINQUE in Marmogres 90 x 150cm   530 euro
Glass 100 x 195 from Mondialshop online.

Sink in stone by Iperceramica 39x60cm
159 euro on sale

Industrial by Floorgres in gres. Colour Moka.

Industrial by Floorgres in gres. Colour Taupe.

Moka floor and Sage walls. Industrial by Floorgres.