January 30, 2013

Dream swimming pools

hese swimming pools are pure dreams. And they have one thing in common: they're all on the island of Santorini in Greece. Pure white cave surroundings, clear blue water and breathtaking views of surrounding volcanic islands makes these pools so amazing.
I did a boat-hopping travel there as a teenager having an amazing time, staying at cheap hotels and could only drool about these hotel. Often the suites have a private pool or dipping pool either indoors, semi indoors/outdoors or with the amazing views of the ocean.

Astra hotel, Santorini.

An indoor dipping pool in the Palace hotel, Santorini.

An indoor swimming pool straight from the bedroom at the Astra.

A romantic sunset.

Infinite pool with a spectacular view.

Talk about a relaxing experience to have a swim here on a warm evening with a glass of wine with your loved one.This is from the Pegasus Hotel suite.

I personally love this idea of a private dipping pool with a view! Sooo romantic!

This shape is smart, allowing a downstairs seating area while from the pool seeming like an infinity pool with the ocean in the background.

January 18, 2013

Kids _ cubby house

 Yep, I admit it. I want one!
I always loved building cubby houses as a kid and these are very creative.

Is it just me, or does this cubby house remind you of these building blocks? I used to play with these as a kid, learing how different shapes fit together and how some shapes are composed of other shapes. They are made by Jovo.

The closed version.

This is the very cool Porqupine Sleeping cell. Perhaps a bit dangerous on the outside, but extremely cool!
Don't have a garden? No worries. If you have a high ceiling you could build this simple cubby house. Just one floor if your ceiling is normal height and the kids could use the roof as a terrace or tower.

I like these mini-versions of the main house style. Giving the kid their very own version of the main house. A well built one with its own veranda and veggie patch.

This Australian design sure is inspiring. What a great hideout! This is The Birds Nest by Ted Ballieu

Cute cute cute! Small doors and windows, semi transparent materials...Love it. This is Salubrious by Modern Cabana.

This is Sustainable room by Super colossal. This castle like cubby would surely become an attraction in your back yard amoungst all the neighbours kids. I wonder if you can climb the pipes and and look out the top?

How cool is this? Build your own! Not easy though, I admit.

Open house by Nixon Tolouch. I love how this opens and is dynamic. The green boards are a lot of fun. Smaller doors would perhaps be more inviting for the little ones. The hiding aspect is taken away.

Garden design

 Although summer is far away where I am now, I am dreaming myself away and summer is in my heart. There's no hiding that I prefer the warmer months of the year and this is one of the reasons I moved south from Sweden to Italy some 8 years ago. This is the 3rd country I've lived in, 8th city, and I think this is my 17th home which surely won't be the last. Every place has given me something very unique which I treasure and has made me to be the person I am today.
My time in Australia as a kid surely brought on my passion for the outdoors. Outdoor sports, spending time in the veggie patch, tending to the garden. My degree in Architecture led to an interest in Garden design. A good garden design according to me is when the space is used in an optimized way, despite its size. Where it can have a multifunction, allowing both intimate cozy spaces as well as open spaces adapt for play, a colourful veggie patch as well as the amazing combination of colours and textures given by the choice of vegetation.

A very nice way to organize a small garden. Creating different seating spaces. It is a little bit too paved up for my taste but the combination of the wood, cement with the grey tiles works very nicely. I'm not sure what's inside the little room in the corner, but wouldn't it be nice if it was a sauna. The pond outside could be a dipping pool and I would also put an outdoor shower. Perhaps a fireplace in the middle of the seating area at the back?

This pavillion in the Chelsea Flower tries to resemble The Barcellona Pavilion by Mies Van der Rohe. The pebbles in the shallow pond combined with the cement of the building. A winning concept. Here they combine these "harsh" materials with soft vegetation and sweet white flowers. The combination of the Veronica (?) spiral flowers coming out of the otherwise orderly row of flowers, gives a unruley touch despite the otherwise geometrical shapes.
I like the patterns created in this flowerbed. Very sweet.

This was the Australian pavilion at the Chelsea Garden Show. The typical burnt Xanthorrhoea give an amazing dramatical touch. Their seed capsuals resemble tall spears. These are often burnt during the fires in Australia and release their seeds in this extreme heat, letting new life grow shortly after the fires.

This is a very sweet imaginative pavilion. The purple Alliums create a playful touch from the otherwise dull grasses. Also the way the hedges have been pruned to create the center of the flowers is very sweet. I would love to spend an afternoon here with a good book. 

I can see this being a great garden for an office building. Allowing the workers to eat their lunches in small secluded places. Getting an escape to their hectic day. Hearing the sound of the water trickle underneath them.

This is such a nice combination of different plants making it look very natural. Very "english cottage" style garden. Also the combination of materials is clever. Re-using the brick even for the bridge ties it all together.

Very modern. These hanging pots are very sculptural and create a unique feel. I would like it if some of them were used in different ways, for example to have an open fire?

This one gives me warm feelings inside. I see myself in northern europe on a rainy afternoon. Sitting under the roof while hearing the rain outside. The white stemmed Betullas are one of my favourite trees. Here they almost create a second room outside: the stems being the columns and the foliage being the roof. Again a Veronica (?) type flower.  

I found these in a Swedish online magazine, but I forget which one. Oops. Anyway, they're giving tips for a good garden design and they do it well. The combination of materials and spaces is fundamental. Having different "rooms" in a garden created by different heights of the terrain. I don't think the choice of plants are ideal as the colour combinations don't work 100% but as a whole it's definitely nice.

A detail of the combination of the materials

I love the idea of having an open fire in a garden, although this one scares me a bit. Don't want to get distracted and accidentally trip over this fire place. But it does look cozy doesn't it?