April 28, 2011

SvalaForm _ talented Swedish artist

The extremely talented young scetch-artist and photographer, Michelle Lindström, has started a new blog called Svalaform where she is selling her new collection of prints. She has a great sense for patterns, colours and design. I think these prints are lovely and would fit into both a highly stylish home as well as in a childerns nursery.
She has new stuff up all the time so be sure to check out her blog regulary here. For any information on ordering prints you can contact her via email. svalaform@gmail.com

April 26, 2011

The Distrito Capital Hotel _ Mexico City

 This is the Distrito Capital Hotel of Mexico City by architect Joseph Dirand. It also features furniture by Charlotte Periand, who amoungst other things did a lovely Side chair" that was featured in the David house I bloged about a while back...here!
I'm not sure who designed the lamps, but I really love 'em! Since I'm a huge fan of the colour grey, this hotel really apeals to me!

April 19, 2011

Peanut - the chihuahua

Hello, my name is Peanut!
Can you get any cuter than this??
I'm not sure how much she weighs, but when she snuggles up she fits in my hand.
This is one of the photos the breeder posted of her the same day I bought her. She was so adorable in real life that I couldn't resist!

Cutiepie! Her face is half white half "blue".

In her huuge bag/bed.

Sleeping on Marco's arm.

She kinda thinks she's a monkey!


She has 3 "blue" circles! So sweet!

April 9, 2011

Wonderful white

My mum has decided to paint the inside of her summerhouse white! As it is now the inside walls are covered with a wooden panel that my grandpa put up about 15 years ago. Considering that the walls, ceiling and floors are all wooden it makes it feel smaller than it actually is. 
So now mum asked me what colour she should paint her furniture. If painting them white is too much. 
The floors will remain wooden so there will be some colour left. Taking this into consideration I think white is a wonderful choice. It's almost as if you can never have too much white. BUT a few items of colour are appreciated. Here are some examples of scandanavian architecture to give you the picture...

A "typical" scandanavian home. Light wooden floors, white walls, and ...white furniture. Note however the bright green vase by the window. This example by Anna Kern.

Again, light wooden floors and white walls but this time with black furniture details. I also love the cardboard moosehead as a "environmentally and animal friendly" version of a real moosehead. This is from the April and May blog.

This is a vision of how it would be if some furniture items were kept in the original wooden colour. This works well in this case considering that the floor is also white.

I really love these colourful details. I never used to like yellow and orange before, but I have to admit I'm becoming quite fond of them both. This is from Elle Interior magazine.

I really love these colourful details. I never used to like yellow and orange before, but I have to admit I'm becoming quite fond of them both. Not the wooden crete. A part of last years big "recycle" trend. This is from Elle Interior magazine.

This is a photo shooting done by Emma of Emma's design blog.

This is the home of Henrik and Susanna Nygren.

Ikea's magazine. A white example with just one black furniture piece. The only colour here is the green of the leaves.

Rustic home with white painted floors and old white furniture. Great look that takes longer to accieve than one might think.

This is an apartment that was for sale about a year ago. I loved the bright pink carpet and the colourful paintings making this house more dynamic.

April 3, 2011

Chihuahua - help me chose

 I have been looking for a chihuahua puppy for a long time and have finally found a breeder that seems serious, not too far away. These little puppies are available from the 11th (just over 8 days). I think I'm in love with all of them! I'm not sure if I'll be able to chose amoungst all of them, and I want to meet the little ones before making a final choice. BUT just for fun, help me deciding which one I should take if I could chose! The names are just the first names that came to mind.. :-p
So do the survey at the bottom of the blog!!!!

1. Panda (F)
1. Panda (F)
2. Patch (F)

2. Patch (F)

3. Cookie (F)

4. Peanut (F)

4. Peanut (F)

5. Wolf  (M)

5. Wolf  (M)