February 13, 2012

Wedding inspiration _ Burlap Ring Pillows

I am very much in love with burlap fabric. It gives a unique vintage rustic look that we are looking to achieve at our wedding. The combination of lace gives it a more elegant look together with silk ribbons in order to tie the rings on the pillow. It's easy to add fabric flowers to your pillow which can even be the part where your rings are tied. They can either be made with the burlap, or another rough fabric. You can also chose to make flowers that follow your general colour theme.
These kind of pillows are so easy to make by yourself! 
This is my personal favourite! I love the combination of  the rustic burlap with the lace, a shiney silk ribbon and the fabric flowers. This is the look I will try to achieve! 

A simple yet beautiful vintage look. 

I like the idea of the pillow in the middle-left that has "grandma's old embroided lace" sewn onto the pillow. Not a bad idea at all. My grandma was very craftey and made many things like this. 

This pillow is very sweet and has a slightly more rustic pillow but then combines the classic elegant flowers, pearls and ribbons to give it that eternal vintage look. 

I love these whimsical felt flowers with buttons in the middle! How cute is that? 

I actually don't mind the way they have sewn this pillow leaving the ends stick out. It's an easy way of doing it and gives it a more rustic feel. 

Another beautiful country vintage feel. The burlap string creates an extra rustic feel. 

The burlap chosen here is a bit more coarse and gives it a whiter look considering that you can see the stuffing inbetween the holes. I adore the little colourful flowers which is a nice way to integrate the colour theme of your wedding even in the ring pillow.