November 20, 2011

Wedding inspiration _ invitation cards

 Here are some cards that have inspired our wedding invitations. Perhaps ours won't turn out as well as these, but it will be personal and unique. 
I like the use of natural recycled papers, fun details, interesting folding methods, and trying to save the amount of paper used. 

November 14, 2011

Wedding inspiration _ restaurant

This is the restaurant we've chosen for our wedding dinner reception! It's a gorgeous restaurant in an old fort built in the 1800s. It's gardens overlooks the Lake Garda (Italy) on one side and Verona on the other. The room that we will get can host a maximum of 140 guests but we will only have 80-100. As the guests go outside to eat cake the tables will be moved and it will become a dancing area.
I will be decorating the tables myself and will also add quite a few decorations in the area outside in the garden.
I can't wait!

November 10, 2011

Wedding inspiration _ Eco Chic _ Vintage

Hi everybody!
Here is a long list of pictures that come from my infinitely large wedding inspiration folder that grows every day as if it had a mind of its own! I don't own the rights to these pictures so if these pics belong to you please tell me and I will remove them straight away!
These are inspirational photos with the theme "eco chic", "vintage", "country" "worldy" etc. The main colours that I have been inspired by are creams, champagne, apricot, grey, olive green, antique gold, pink, etc.