February 26, 2010


Herzog and De Meuron ...Laban dance center, I believe.

Den Svarte Diamant, Copenhagen library overlooking the canal. One of the buildings that convinced me once opon a time to study architecture.

What a work of art. The Gugenheim museum of NY. A magical sculptural space.

I'm trying to find a thin-blue-line here and not just putting up random pictures that I like. But it's hard to control myself. I also realised that almost all my favorite pics are in my books and not on the computer. That kinda makes this spontaneous idea of starting a blogg slightly more complicated. So thats it for stairs at the moment.

1 comment:

  1. That is a great picture of Guggenheim. It is my favourite museum in NYC.
    I hope you can find the perseverence to keep putting up your blog. I know I haven't