December 27, 2010

Thesis bachelor's degree 2008

These are some renderings of my thesis for my bachelor's degree that I took in 2008. The project was a library/mediateca in a degraded area of Rome. The initial idea was that of the messenger holding a script to be read. This was integrated with the idea of uniting two main shapes one which is solid and calm and the other that is dynamic. The curvature of the dynamic piece was created to optimize the use of natural ventilation. Also the double skin was used in order to reduce heating and cooling costs.
I was quite pleased with the result and so was the jury. Let me know what you think!

December 18, 2010

Finnish inspiration..

Finnish country style. Here are some inspirational photos of this cute finnish home that were found on this homepage. Check out the huge knitting needles further down and the lovely thick woolen yarn. I wonder where you can buy that? I just need to learn how to knit again! I have some other plans which I will be making in the next few days. I will post photos soon!

December 14, 2010


MASH studios is a firm based in L.A. and say that their goal is creating timeless design in wood.
It was founded in 2002 by Bernard Burscha and now includes a group of architects and engineers. Their design is simple with pure cut lines. Their low beds are inspired by the japanese futons: a style that I very much like. It literally gives a down-to-earth feel. Perhaps their design isn't revolutionary, but it works very well and is good for inspiration. To see more of their stuff visit the MASH studio homepage.

November 28, 2010

David Delfin house

According to me this is a close to perfect apartment! It's large open spaces flooded with light and with design objects melting in perfectly. The mix between old and new. Older design classics such as the Charlotte Perriand dining room chairs, living room chairs by Charles Eames, the Serge Mouille lamp and an impressive collection of artwork. A perfect mix of sober colours and a space that feels both perfectly organized but at the same time personal. Even the dog fits in perfectly! This is the home of the clothes designer David Delfin and his boyfriend and architect for Studio AKA Gorka Postigos in Madrid.

I'm guessing this is a clothes hanger by Charles Eames as I know of a wall-hung version that is simular. And the more I look at the photos of this house I realise that almost every object is a design classic, so I doubt they would be the kind of people buying a fake or copied item.
The lovely lamp by Serge Mouille.
Carpet by David Delfin and chairs by THE Charles Eames. The coffee table is by Isamu Noguchi.
Lovely leather chairs by Charlotte Perriand. And hey! They stole my idea of using a gymnasts beam as a bench! Perhaps I should become an architect! :-p

Quite a provocative bedroom with the ropes and the anatomic artwork.

Green Christmas

I love these transparent vases decorated with moss and twigs. A very naturistic feel.

Italian version of decorations for the Christmas table: Miniature olive trees in a huge coffee cup pot. These can also be used to put name tags and can then be a gift for the guest to take home.

Ikea's Christmas table setting. It feels really homey doesn't it?