January 2, 2012

Wedding inspiration _ flowers III

I have made 2 previous posts about wedding flowers. I made one on alternative wedding bouquets (fabric, silk bouquets, including toys, family air-looms,etc) that you can see here.  You can see the second one here . And the third one here.  I recently started looking at these flowers and think that they are super cool. A bit crazy, but unique. What do you think?
These are all bouquets where the Protea is the main flower, usually combined with roses, brunea, banksia and eucalyptus leaves and gum-nuts. 

So I know this is a bit querky, and I have no idea if my boyfriend would be "modern" enough to go along with the idea of putting Artichokes on the chairs down the aisle. But how cool is this? And I think they would fit SO well together with the Proteas I want to use in my bridal bouquet! 

The combination of the wild magestic Protea together with the classical pink roses. I'm not much for roses usually and I'd never have a bouquet with just roses, but this combination does work very well. 

Silver Brunea balls are a cool combination together with the Protea as a table decoration. 

A protea as a table decoration.

I'm loving this combination of the extremely unique and wild looking Protea together with soft classical white/cream roses. Also the green  Brunea (I think) give an interesting look. 

Protea and eucalyptus leaves and gum-nuts.

Seriously, how cool is this bouquet? Protea and eucalyptus leaves and gum-nuts. 

A mix of different types of Protea and Banksia.

These are very Aussie looking bouquets.  The bridal bouquet's protea surrounded by gumnuts and the bridesmaids bouquet with a central Banksia.