October 11, 2011

Wedding inspiration _ hair

 Hair. Up-do, down-do, romantic, straight, locks, flowers, tiara... where does one start?
I know I'm having a bare-back dress, so in order to show that off I have decided to have an up-do, or at least semi up-do. I am a sucker for curley hair and think it looks great as a wedding hair do. I also like the idea of having flowers in my hair, or little diamond pins.
Here are some of the styles that I have fallen for. All the up-dos are pretty simular, so I'm guessing it will be something like that on the day!

This is one of the ones I like the most. I like the fact that its asymetrical! It's casual but elegant. Will my hair be able to become this curley though? I'm guessing that the locks wouldn't stay this tight but who knows.

Ok, so I have to face facts... I don't have beautiful hair like this. Mine is much thinner, no curley locks. But it is a nice do, isn't it?

Now this girl has more simular hair to what I naturally have, so I think I could obtain this look. Since my hair is straight usually the first part of the hair (which is more difficult to curl) will remain straight and the part at the back could be more curley. It becomes more elegant like this, which I still have to decide if its something that I want or not!

Too simple?

Here we have my favorite girl again, with a simular hair style compared to the first photo.

Here's Jessica Alba with a bohemian up-do. Although it is quite laid back as is her make-up, the golden earrings make it look elegant anyway. I don't have my ears pierced so it wouldn't work for me.

I like the fact of having a flower (either one big one like in this photo, or more small ones). Also the piece of veil is quite nice!
I think this flower arraingement looks very nice! I wouldn't mind having something like this. I'm not sure if I like the big bun thing on the top of her head though. What do you think?

This is a very classical hair-do. But I have to admit that when it comes to the wedding, I'm quite an old-fashioned girl!

Here's a long hair do with flowers in it. A very romantic look.

Tiara? I quite like this small type of tiara that doesn't really look like a crown. I am a princess, but maybe a full on crown would be too much :-p


  1. love the romantic look of the hair down with the flowers!! Thats sort of what I want xx Rose

  2. ÄLskar den blonda klassiska looken! Så snyggt..!