September 21, 2011


 You gotta love Banksy! Provocative street artist that does stencil work around London. Political, provocative, stimulating and fun. This shows that graffitti can be very beautiful and valuable for the community. I strongly believe councils should allow certain walls to be allowed to be used for this modern and dynamic artform.

September 3, 2011

A1 architects _ rounded loft

 A1 architects have designed this lovely loft apartment. The choice of materials creates a beautiful harmonious feel: clean white walls, concrete details, wooden furniture. This is a lovely base to work with and I'm sure it would look great with some colourful personal paintings on the wall. I love the built in bookshelf and how it's integrated with the stairs and also how the concrete loft is rounded creating a warmer space. Again the use of a more rustic table for the dining area has been used. This is a touch that I like in general and that can be seen in my previous posts.