December 6, 2014

DIY _ make your own butter

Making your own butter is one of the most easy things you can do. All you need is one ingredient: full-cream! Then if you want to add a flavour, like salt or herbs, that's up to you.
Total preperation time: 15min!

1. Start beating the cream. First it will become whipped cream.

2. After about 10min it will start to become grainy. Keep going.

3. After 15min it will be rather grainy and getting solid. If you put some between your fingers, it will infact feel like soft butter.

4. Put the mass on a kitchen towel. It's good if this isn't too tightly woven in order to let out the watery liquid.
Squeeze out any acess liquid. This liquid will look like murkey water / milk.

5. Open up the towel and this is what it will look like. Add any extra flavoring such as salt or herbs. With your fingertips or a fork, blend it together. Be careful not to use your whole hands as this will warm the butter too much.

I made 3 types of herb butter. Pesto, parsely and garlic, pepperoncino.