June 25, 2012

Wedding Inspiration _DIY flags

 I started making some flags the other day and was overwhelmed by my intelligence! Why hasn't anyone ever thought of this before? Everyone seems to make each single triangle separately, folds the top side and sews it down, threads a string through it to attach all the flags...
BUT there is such an easier way of doing it, and this is where the "geniousness" comes into it.

  • Usually fabrics are sold with a width of about 120-140cm. With 1 meter of fabric you can make 6 (SIX) lengths of flags 1,40. That's a total of almost 8,5m of flags with just 1 meter of fabric. How?
  • Chose a fabric that you like. Either in one colour, multicoloured, etc. The important thing is that it's a steardy material and that doesn't fray. That way you can also avoid sewing around the edges. 
  • Cut the short side of the fabric in 3 parts (this means they will be about 33cm high). 
  • Each strip will become 2 lengths of flags...how?
  • Start cutting zigzag and make sure you don't cut all the way through, leaving 2-3cm on each edge. This is mainly so you won't risk it ripping. 
  • If you want a long length of flags, then simply sew 2 or more 1,40 lengths together. 
  • At the end of your length of flags, simply attach a string so that you can hang it up in a tree, tent, room, etc.

There are many things you can do with your flags. Just leave them as they are for a cute decoration at your wedding, party, name-giving, etc. Write text on each triangle like: Love, Love story, Sweets, Mr & Mrs, thank you, etc etc.

Have fun!

June 16, 2012

Wedding inspiration _ DIY flower girl ballerina dress 2

I previously made a tutorial about how to make this super cute and easy Ballerina Tutu out of tulle. It really is a very cheap and beautiful way to make a sweet skirt, both for kids and for teens. If you chose a different colour tulle it could also be used for a carnival costume. This one is for my beautiful flowergirl, Lima.
I chose a soft tulle with small holes in order to create a softer, more romantic look.

 I then made this dress in silk. Only the top part will be visible and the bottom part is just an underskirt. The ribbons on the dress are used to attach the tutu to the dress itself. I added a few more having a total of 8 ribbons.

 A close up of the ribbons. This photo isn't that clear...But basically I attached the middle of the ribbons to the silk dress right on the seam where the top meets the skirt. 8 ribbons were placed equidistant.  
Here's the front of the dress with the tutu attached to the dress. 

 The back of the dress resembles my wedding dress. It has one layer of silk (the front has 2 layers) and then a layer of lace. The lace has a scallop ending and that part comes out further than the silk creating a slightly see through part. The back of the dress is open in a V shape, just like mine :)
 This is the back of the dress. A open V shape just like my wedding dress. The part in the very middle back has an extra elastic allowing it to sit firmly.
So, what do you think? Did I do a good job?