May 20, 2017

Big letters and numbers _DIY

Large polysterene + cement letters.
When Lorenzo turned one I wanted to make some large numbers to put in the photo shoot. I'd already used this technique when making frames for some paintings. The result is a light weight object that looks like it's made out of solid cement

Here's what you need to do:
- Cut the polysterene sheets in the shape that you want them with a cutter. 
- mix the cement mix according to the instructions on the box. 
- apply with a flat-edged spatula or something simular. 
- let dry at least 24-48h. 

Letting the cement dry.

Lorenzo in his Montessori style room: low bookshelf for easy access, standing bar for independence, reading corner on the floor as well as books in his three languages.

Lorenzo familiarizing himself with the standing bar I put up for him for his birthday.

My one year old boy!