February 28, 2011

Refurbishment _ Marche, Italy

 This villa in the Marche countryside was in need of some tender loving care. And it sure got some! The swiss based architecture team Wespi De Meuron gave it just the resuscitation it needed. It is now a very beautiful and luxurious home with a guesthouse and swimming pool. 
The countryside of Marche is becoming more and more popular amoungst foreign tourists looking for an unspoilt beautiful landscape with marvoulous medievil city centres. The landscape is simular to that of Tuscany with bellowing colourful hills and valleys. Also the region is on the adriatic coast which means that even if you are inland you can reach the coast relativley quickly. Many abandoned villas can be found in the rural parts and they are a popular buy amoungst foreign buyers looking for a bit of history when investing in a home to spend their summers. One could say it's thanks to many of these foreign buyers that these houses are getting restored. 
The Umbau haus of Treia, Marche is one of those. As one aproaches the villa one sees an amazing outdoor area with a swimmingpool and a covered outdoor kitchen and seating area overlooking the pool and lovely vineyards. The guesthouse is also situated in a seperate small building linked by this same outdoor space. When entering the villa one is overwhelmed by the light. The bricks have been cleaned and dusted with white chalk. All the indoor furniture, floors and walls are also white letting the sunlight to reflect on every possible surface. The open floorplan also allows both light and air to flow freely from one end to the other. In the master bedroom one has the bathtub in the room whereas the other bathroom facilities are in an adjacent bathroom. The kitchen is ultra modern almost industrial with its stainless steel surfaces and gas stove. The furniture is of latest design and in general the aproach is very minimalistic.

So if you are looking into investing in an Italian dream villa in the countryside, Marche is the place to look! And I'd be more than happy to help you find, refurbish and design your dream home!

February 23, 2011

Sea Ranch House

 This Californian "Sea Ranch" has tried to join japanese minimalism and still make a luxurious home. The enterior roof is ceder and gives a sense of warmth and the large windows open up towards an octagonal patio. To see more of these architects work visit their homepage here.

February 20, 2011

Rural cottage

This is the lovely cottage home of Hanne Borge-Yngland in Kvitfjel, Norway. Beautiful black painted wooden walls and white painted wooden floors, rustic wooden furniture mixed with flashy industrial design. Natural fabrics, furs and open fires. A cozy family home.

February 17, 2011

Black n White

This is the lovely home of graphic designer couple Henrik and Susanna Nygren Barett. The home is situated on Gotland, an island off the coast of Stockholm. The wooden floors and roof have been painted white and the furniture is mainly black or white with hints of Red every now and again. Design objects can be spotted throughout the house but there are also many personal second hand objects.

February 13, 2011

Bedtime II - buona notte

 This is the second edition of Bedtime. The first one can be seen here. A mix between Scandinavian naturistic and Italian minimalism. A mix between snuggly cozy dunas and japanese simplistic approach. In other words, you'll find a huge mix of styles and will surely find something to suit your taste!

Nice! Pernilla Hed for Skönahem. And I just spotted the clock in the background which is soo cool. It can be bought at Olsson and Gerthel in Malmö.

 American country cabin.
 Very simplistic bed by MDF Italia called Alubed.

 "Box" by Amaf.

Bed by Cappellini.
 Extra bed by Cappellini.
 Bed by Groundpiece.

Bedroom put together by Cia Wedin.

 Colourful by Light Locations UK.
 Bedroom by Magnus Anesund.
 Princess on a pea, by Ikea.

 Bedroom featured in Sköna hem. Looks like bed linen from Original Marines.

 An apartment in Paris.
 Ideas from Ikea.
  Ideas from Ikea.
  Ideas from Ikea.
  Ideas from Ikea.
  Ideas from Ikea with the lamp "maskros" which I like.

 This is one of my favorites by Marie Claire despite I don't think it looks all that comfortable.
 My cousin's bedroom *envious*. Designed by Australian architect Hamilton Wilson.

 A render of the bedroom of the Franklin Place appartments.
 A renovation of an old villa near Macerata by Markus Wespi and Jerome de Meuron.
  A renovation of an old villa near Macerata by Markus Wespi and Jerome de Meuron.
 The beautiful apartment of David Delfin, designer.
  The beautiful apartment of David Delfin, designer.
  The beautiful apartment of David Delfin, designer.

 Bedroom from Alcro's (paint) inspirational homepage.
  Bedroom from Alcro
 Bedroom from Alcro