October 24, 2012

Kids Rooms III _ Rooms for many kids

What should you do when your family suddenly gets bigger than expected and perhaps you can't or don't want to move to a bigger house or apartment. How do you create fun spaces for your kids and still letting them have their own space within the room?
I think bunk-beds are a great solution. It's both space saving and with these built-in solutions, allows each kid (2-4 in these examples) have their own private space. It's like sleeping in a cubby house every night. Even when they get slightly older they have their own space that they can close up.The space on the ground still allows they siblings a space in common where to play and have fun.
The solutions can have different appearances: from a more stylish clean-cut room to a childish playful room.

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This space saving solution looks like great fun. I love how each child has their own space. Their little dens seem like a calm and peaceful place to be with protecting walls. The green colour gives it a nice modern touch at the same time as using a calm gender-neutral colour. 

 This really does look like a lot of fun. Talk about having a cool room to play in!

 The relaxing "sea breeze" feel of this room works well both as a childrens room as well as an extra guest bedroom. This is a good solution if you have a long room but that perhaps isn't very wide and you still want to fit two beds in there. 
 The smart thing about this solution is that you keep all the toys in the attic part, and therefore you don't always have to tidy up as much when you have guests around. That becomes their play area and the sleeping area remains nice and tidy (hopefully). 
 For a more clean-cut look in the minimalistic home. It doesn't really feel like anyone lives here but I do like the bed itself. 
 Another minimalistic suspended bed.
 This is a good solution for that quirkey shaped room that you don't know what to do with. Custom made beds fit into the area in this L shaped room. You can also get foam matresses cut to size if you like. Otherwise, just leave a space beside the matress where you can place a lamp or a glass of water.
 This room has such a nice warm feeling to it. All the spaces inside the walls are used giving a lot of storage place allowing the floor area to be clutter free. Each child gets their own space. The cardboard chairs are also very "green". 
 Here is a single bed version similar to the one above. Having built-in storage space saves a lot of space from the floor area. The space underneath the bed is often an area that remains unused and therefore "wasted". Especially if you have a small room and need to take advantage of each cm, this is a good solution. It does look very cozy in there too!

This sea-side home gives the chance to have 4 beds in the one room. A good solution for a summer home.