February 26, 2010

Wohoo! Here we go!

A spontaneous impulse, some inspirational photos, a relaxing evening and a glass of wine..and here I am! Starting a blogg!
I finished my third last exam today and I am getting closer and closer to my final architecture degree. A dream that has been evolving for the last 5 years. A dream to be able to create something so uterly beautiful for the world to admire. A structure that not only is estethically mind blowing, but also a building that creates a sense of euphoria. I want to be able to create things that are left behind after I will no longer be here. I dream about people admiring even the simplest structure that I design, anything from a small object to a full-scale structure. I believe architecture to be a very complete art-form where it is the architects interest and duty to combine a creative sculptural art-work together with an engeneering mastermind. The building should not only be beautiful, but functional, economically feasable and sustainable. A building should be unique. Unique for its design, but also unique for its surroundings, its inhabitants, its use, its materials, its shape, its function.
I love the creativness of architecture that also gives you an intellectual satisfaction. There are not many occupations where you get this combination of satisfaction.
I remember being in High school and trying to think "so what should I be when I grow up?", "what am I good at?", "what can I see myself working with for the rest of my life?". I remember being interested in becoming a pilot, so that I could travel, see the world from above. But being a hostess wasn't enough for me. I wanted the status of being a pilot. After looking into it carefully, and reading that one would have to fly a one-engine plane by yourself after just 1 month of studying, I grasped the reality that perhaps that would be slightly too scary after all!
What else crossed my mind? Marine Biologist.. I dreamt about spending day-in, day-out in the ocean, scuba diving, experimenting, etc. But again, after seeing the reality that most days are spent studying "why the male goldfish is smaller than the female in my fishpond" I realised it wasn't really for me.
But the thing that really stuck was Architecture! It just felt right. From the moment it crossed my mind, I couldn't get my mind off it. "What am I good at?" I'm creative, I love to draw, I like the tecnological side, I'm interested in bio-architecture/design, etc. It's hard to explain exactly why, but its the thing I want to work with more than anything.
So, after highschool I started studying architecture in Rome, Italy. I had only studied a very brief Italian course at highschool but what was stopping me? I started following the university courses in Italian and after 6 months I was taking exams. I still can't believe it to be quite honest. And anyway, here I am 5 years later, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

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