July 28, 2011

Alberto Burri

 Alberto Burri, Italian artist born 1915 died 1995. I first saw Burri's work at the modern art museum in Rome and fell in love instantly. I love his use of materials, simple cuts and colours. The first work of his that I noticed was a canvass sliced open with a red screen visible through the cut. The other work was like the bottom of a crusted lake. I love the use of rust in artwork, and Burri uses it in an amazing way.
His urban planing could be frowned upon though, and although I hate it in a nature-loving way, being the eco-monster that it is, I adore it in an artistic and filosofical point of view.


  1. "His urban plan[n]ing could be frowned upon though".

    What were you thinking when you wrote that? His "Cretto di Gibellina", to which you are probably referring to, has nothing to do with urban planning.

  2. Hi AleT,
    You're right. In fact I didn't express myself correctly. I meant that his urban scale project, the "Cretto di Gibellina" could be frowned upon.
    What I meant was the fact of covering a mountain with cement could be frowned upon. I myself find myself very confused on if I like or dislike this particular work. As a person who has great respect for the environment hates it and as an artist, I love it.