May 3, 2012

Wedding inspiration _ DIY flower girl ballerina tutu

 I found some lovely (and very easy) tutorials on how to make a ballerina tutu on-line. There are many on YouTube, etc.. This is the inspirational photo with the look that I would like to achieve. Sadly I don't remember where I found these photos as I would love to give them the credit.
It's an easily accomplished look as the tutu is really simple to make and you can just put the skirt over a normal singlet or body.

So how do you make this tutu?
As I said earlier, look for "new sew tutu" on-line and I'm sure you'll find much better tutorials!
I chose a high quality soft tulle which is slightly more expensive than normal tulle, but still very affordable. I wanted the material to be soft at touch and not too poofy. I think it creats a beautiful soft feel.
All in all it took me about 1,5 hours to make the skirt once I had the tulle strips prepared and another 1,5h for cutting. So a total of about 3 hours. I got much quicker after a while and I'm sure that if I was to make a second one it wouldn't take me more than 2h.

I used:
* 5m x 1,4m off white/natural tulle cut into 80cm x 15 cm strips. You can even buy rolls of tulle that already have the right width which makes the whole process even quicker and easier.
* an elastic band 1,5cm wide.
* thread
That's all folks!

Start by cutting the elastic band according to the kids waist size. Overlap the elastic band 3cm in order to insure that it will be tight enough and sew them together.

Cut the Tulle into 15cm wide strips. The length should be double the length that you want the skirt + 3cm for the knot. For me I ended up with about 50 strips.

Put the elastic onto something relatively sturdy, such as a bucket, a box, a roll of household tissues...

Fold the Tulle in half and place it in front of the elastic band, then pull the both ends through the loop. Make sure it's not too tight and doesn't crunch up the elastic band.

Repeat 40-50 times until you have a skirt that is as full as you want it.


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