November 2, 2012

Wedding hair

I had a picture in my mind for how I wanted my hair-do to look like, but I hadn't really discussed it with the hairdresser. I am so lucky that she did an amazing job, without having done a proper consultation or trial beforehand.
The hairdresser, Studio Mar Acconciature, is in Pastrengo, near the hotel where we and all the guests were staying for the wedding.
What I had in mind was quite a relaxed side chingon up-do. But despite it was relaxed, still to look elegant.

My dress (that I designed myself) had an open V back so I wanted to show that off as much as possible, and therefore chose to have an up-do. I've been growing my hair for years thinking forward to my special day. I wanted the hair to have relaxed curls put up in a casual way on the side. I liked the idea of having an unsymmetrical hairdo.

I had made a hair-flower for me and my three lovely bridesmaids to wear. Their hairdos were similar to mine, but slightly more simple, in order to let me be in the center of attention (at least for one day, right?). I'm so very happy of how it all turned out. It stayed perfect the whole night and even looked amazingly even the next day after sleeping and everything. The products she used felt so natural and soft.

Hopefully these pics can inspire you for your hairdo on your day!

This is me at the salon getting ready for the big day. Luckily we were getting married in the afternoon and had all morning to get our hair and make up ready! I don't know how morning brides do it. 

I had just arrived to the ceremony. Marco and I walked down the aisle together and we had already taken all the photos. 

This is the back of my hair do - which I love!
And the side with the signature flower. 

Two of my brides maids and the flower girl. 

My maid of honor and the flowergirl. Here you can see the differences in our hair-dos. Both very  nice. 

Kissing my man! 

The beautiful venue of Castello Scaligero, Malcesine, Lake Garda, Italy. Here you can see my beautiful dress (if I may say so myself - I designed it myself). 

The lovely hair-do from behind. 


  1. Jag älskar verkligen din brudklänning! Var har du köpt den? :)

  2. Hej Annika,
    Tack ska du ha! Den har jag faktiskt designat själv. Ryggen är inspirerad av Jim Hjelm. Jag fick den uppsydd hos Milly Bridal.