October 12, 2010

Benjamin Hubert

I have a sort of love for concrete and I recently discovered this young designer (born 1984..) who has already made quite a name for himself. Looking through the pictures on his homepage I realised that I was already familiar with several items that he's designed. I just love his "heavy lights" made out of concrete and also his "float" lights made out of cork. I love the industrial look of the concrete and in general I am loving all the new ways that concrete is being used nowadays. I wish I had a workroom where I could make my own forms and start playing around with some designs of my own! The cork lights give a great warm feeling. His furniture is also very impressive. I actually did a scetch for a coathanger very simular to his "Splay" (maybe that's why I like to so much!). The little bowl with the indent for the spoon is very sweet as well as his soft rubber chairs. It's available in a variety of playful colours. There's also a stool to go with it.

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