October 21, 2010

books books books

Vigo Russel _ Pinch bookshelf. The composition of these boxes works really well together. A trend I have been seeing lately is in fact this stacking of boxes.
MDF _ random
By attaching the bottom book to the L it looks as if the books are magically attached to the wall.

Featured once before.. The bookshelf "foundation" by Hubert.
I saw this bookshelf for the first time looking through a magazine when I was at the dentists. This is "Nova" sold at Bolia in Sweden.

Muuto has a nice collection and one of my favorite items is their bookshelf "stack".

A more well-known bookshelf from Ikea. This is "expedit". They also have a collection of boxes that one can combine.


  1. Awesome. I was looking for a room divider to put behind a couch, and I'll go with your ikea bookshelf/boxes idea.

    - Chris :: Manhattan, New York

  2. Love the "Nova" - it's a little Dr. Seuss-ish-- and have been a fan of the "Invisible Bookshelf" for years.