June 20, 2011

Make your own Sushi.

How to make your own sushi.
Making your own sushi isn't as difficult as it seems and not as expensive either. If you don't have much knowledge in fish, I suggest you just to use salmon and tuna as they are the most commonly found and safe raw fish types.
For 21 pieces of Maki sushi and 14 pieces of Nigiri sushi, you will need:
- 3 arcs of Nori seaweed 

- 200g salmon
- 1 avacado
- 2 carrots
- 1 zucchini
- 7 king prawns
- 1,5 cup of rice
- 1 tbs white wine
- 5 tbs vinegar (i used apple vinegar)
- 3 tbs sugar
- soia sauce

Maki sushi:
a)First you need to make the rice: Boil 3 cups of water. Meanwhile wash the rice in cold water. Rince. Put the washed rice into the boiling water. Lower the temperature and put the lid on leaving a small space. When the water has absorbed, it's ready. Don't mix the rice while it's boiling.
b) In a small bowl mix the vinegar, white wine and sugar together until the sugar has been absorbed.
c) mix this liquid with the ready boiled rice. Let it rest while you cut the vegetables..

d) Cut the avacado, carrot and zucchini in thin strips.

e)Cut 2/3 of the salmon into thin strips.

f) place the Nori seaweed with the shiny side down on your placemat. Spread rice onto the seaweed so that it's half a cm thick. Leave the top 2 cm from rice.

g) place the salmon, avacado, carrot and zucchini about 1/3 from the bottom.

h) Wet the top part of the seaweed with water. Start rolling the roll, pressing the whole roll together with the placemat. It should become quite compact. The last part which is wet should stick together with the rest of the roll.

i) Slice the roll into 2 cm thick pieces. It should be 7-8 pieces all in all. You can wet the knife if it gets sticky in order to get nicer clean-cut pieces.

j) a succesfull roll will have the pieces of salmon and other garnisment in the middle. The roll will be quite compact and not fall apart. 

Making Nigiri Sushi is very easy. Simply put a 1-2 spoons of rice into your hands and shape it into a oval ball. Put a piece of salmon over the top and its done! You can also put a king prawn on top of the rice. The prawns on the picture are tiny and didn't really stay on the rice, but it was still yummy.



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