June 15, 2011

Scandinavian design

This is the home of Swedish artist Maria Adlersson (also known as "Moja") and her family in an area near Gothenburg. A scandanavian approach in its soberness but with playful and colourful artwork and items of design making the whole place personal. There are some real gems when it comes to objects and Moja's artwork is really refreshing.
Photos courtesy of Skönahem.

 The furniture is by danish designer Knud Faerch. The cool stick lamp is from Jonas Bohlin and the painting by "The Wall" is by the artist Maria Adlersson, also known as Moja.
A mediterranean feel to the courtyard with large terracotta pots with lavander and a rustic brick pavement.

The Pez collection is an installation done by the artist Moja.
Moja made the plexiglass artwork with used paint cans. I love this idea and would love to copy it in the future! The sofa is from Vibieffe, metal table by Second Stories, pillows by Kerstin Obly and Anika Reuterswärd.

The artwork made with old paint cans. *love*

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