December 28, 2011

Wedding inspiration_Ceremony program

 This is a DIY on how to make your own ceremony program for your summer wedding. This clever idea lets each guest have a fan to cool themselves with during the ceremony.

For 20 (20 x 14cm) fans you will need:

- 1 meter of wall paper (You don't have to use the same wall paper for all of them. If you are making more programs you can even chose to have 20 with each a different pattern on the back). 
- 20 printed wedding ceremony programs on thick paper
- 20 paddlepops (the thick ones are the best)
- paper glue
- a stapler

  1. Print 20 wedding programs on a thicker paper of your choice in the size 14 x 20cm. 
  2. Divide and cut the wallpaper like this, giving you the same dimensions as the wedding programs you have already printed. 

3. Place the paddlepop in-between the wall paper and the wedding program paper. Using the paper glue, glue the two pieces of paper together, making sure the paddle pop is firmly in place. If you feel it is a bit lose, you can use the stapler and staple them together. This works especially if you are able to find a thin paddle pop. 

4. Once the two pieces of paper are firmly attached, you can cut around the edges making them rounded, or the shape that you desire.

Good luck and have fun!

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