December 16, 2011

Wedding inspiration _ flowers

This is the second post about inspiring wedding bouquets. The first one can be read HERE. I tend to like quite wild and unique bouquets rather than classical bunch of red roses. I like when the leaves or background have a olive green (almost grey) colour and when fun elements are incorporated. With fun elements I mean something that perhaps isn't commonly associated to a wedding bouquet such as seeds, berries, thistles, twigs, fruit, etc. Here are some bouquets that I think are lovely!!! 
This is a very modern bouquet where the yellow Craspedia stands out from the cactus-like leaves and thistles. Perhaps one would think of this choice as a sign of not easily letting people get close to them, but I find it very interesting and unique! For me, this would win any day over a classical Rose bouquet!

A bunch of flowers where the yellow Craspedia has a central role!
A bunch made entirely out of Craspedia. Very fun! 

The pink, cream, peachy colours of this bouquet work very well together. There are a few items in this bunch that I particularly like but I don't know what they are. Does anyone know what the brown seeds are?? And what about the small green round ball flowers? They are unique and create a great touch to the otherwise very traditional bouquet. 

I LOVE this bouquet! I The colours are amazing. I love the dull olive green colour of the leaves giving an amazing background for the bright flowers. The central grand Protea. Also the dynamic Thistles create a fun bouquet. 

An Aussie style bouquet with Banksia flowers as well as coloured blue thistles. If they didn't have the roses it would be a perfect bunch!

I actually adore how this bouquet has such dull colours. It is very architectonic. I don't think I'll ever be able to decide between this kind of bouquet and something extremely colourful! I also like the fact that it has berries in-between the flowers! 

This is a very romantic bouquet with it's light pink flowers and grey leaves and balls. What are those ball flowers? Anybody know?

This bouquet is so romantic and hand made. It's so sweet how it looks like it has been put together rather randomly. The Allium underneath together with roses and babys breath..

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  1. Great pictures! I love it! The flowers are really classic and elegant. Thanks for sharing this post to us.