October 9, 2011

Wedding inspiration _ flowers

 For my wedding bouquett I want to use native Australian flowers. Being half australian I want to bring that into the wedding somehow. Australia has some very unique and absolutely gorgeous flowers and I think they will look stunning in a wedding bouquett! I want quite a wild looking group of flowers. Not many of the same kind, different colours, and having a very pale green leaf surrounding them. In general I love olive leaves but even eucalyptus leaves have a very nice colour. There is one kind that has small round leaves that I think will look great (I just have to try and remember what they're called).

I'm not sure if all of these flowers are native Australian or if they originally come from South Africa. But don't they look great? What stunning flowers!

Here's a way to integrate the "yellow and grey" theme even in the flowers.

I love this fun bouquett with yellow ball flowers (forgive my lack of knowledge of the actual names... if anyone knows the real names I'd love to know!).

Look at the great colours in this bouquett! This is so stunning. And I would love to have flowers like this especially if I use colours such as grey, champagne, grey/blue at the wedding. In that case these flowers would really get a lot of attention and brighten up the room!

Many girls I've shown my flowers to prefer this kind of bouquett. Probably because it's more traditional and "girly". I do like the fact that the flowers are champagne coloured as well as the playful seed balls. Also the dark maroon coloured flowers give a good contrast.

I like the dark center in these flowers.

Alium is one of my favorite flowers in general. They are too big to integrate in the bridal bouquett, but perhaps I can use them as table centerpieces. I will only use them if I also deside to have a "blue/grey" colour theme.

I love this colourful wild bouquett! Isn't it gorgeous? Such unique flowers with such vibrant colours and shapes.

This bouquett is too classic for my style, but I do like the twigs and the hay around the sides. I definitely won't be using roses for mine, but I do like the colour of these roses.

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