September 25, 2012

Beautiful white apartment with random chairs

Seriously, how nice is this apartment? I stumbled across it in a pop-up ad for houses for sale in Sweden. This one is in the center of Malmö. It's only a small apartment, 46m2 I believe. Ok, so it's mainly the effort put into the furniture which is what I love. Sadly when you buy a place you don't get all the lovely things that this person has found. I LOVE the odd chairs around the table (big theme of last year that I wrote about, that I still love). I LOVE the white-washed everything and the organised chaos. How they painted the table, but didn't do it all tidy, but it has the paint running down the sides of the wood. How the bench also has been painted with a semi-see through paint. And being a "green" person myself, I love how the alive green plants are the main splash of colour in the room.
White may be a colour that has been used over and over again, but look what a relaxed feeling it gives here, when the rest of the layout is a bit more random! I wouldn't mind a bit more colour though: a coloured rug (my choice in this case would be a colourful recycled cloth rug, those cheapo ones you find everywhere), a throw over on the armchair or painting,etc. would be nice.
Anyway, congratulations to this homeowner on a lovely choice of furniture. I can't wait to have my own place so that I can start collecting.