January 18, 2013

Kids _ cubby house

 Yep, I admit it. I want one!
I always loved building cubby houses as a kid and these are very creative.

Is it just me, or does this cubby house remind you of these building blocks? I used to play with these as a kid, learing how different shapes fit together and how some shapes are composed of other shapes. They are made by Jovo.

The closed version.

This is the very cool Porqupine Sleeping cell. Perhaps a bit dangerous on the outside, but extremely cool!
Don't have a garden? No worries. If you have a high ceiling you could build this simple cubby house. Just one floor if your ceiling is normal height and the kids could use the roof as a terrace or tower.

I like these mini-versions of the main house style. Giving the kid their very own version of the main house. A well built one with its own veranda and veggie patch.

This Australian design sure is inspiring. What a great hideout! This is The Birds Nest by Ted Ballieu

Cute cute cute! Small doors and windows, semi transparent materials...Love it. This is Salubrious by Modern Cabana.

This is Sustainable room by Super colossal. This castle like cubby would surely become an attraction in your back yard amoungst all the neighbours kids. I wonder if you can climb the pipes and and look out the top?

How cool is this? Build your own! Not easy though, I admit.

Open house by Nixon Tolouch. I love how this opens and is dynamic. The green boards are a lot of fun. Smaller doors would perhaps be more inviting for the little ones. The hiding aspect is taken away.

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