January 30, 2013

Dream swimming pools

hese swimming pools are pure dreams. And they have one thing in common: they're all on the island of Santorini in Greece. Pure white cave surroundings, clear blue water and breathtaking views of surrounding volcanic islands makes these pools so amazing.
I did a boat-hopping travel there as a teenager having an amazing time, staying at cheap hotels and could only drool about these hotel. Often the suites have a private pool or dipping pool either indoors, semi indoors/outdoors or with the amazing views of the ocean.

Astra hotel, Santorini.

An indoor dipping pool in the Palace hotel, Santorini.

An indoor swimming pool straight from the bedroom at the Astra.

A romantic sunset.

Infinite pool with a spectacular view.

Talk about a relaxing experience to have a swim here on a warm evening with a glass of wine with your loved one.This is from the Pegasus Hotel suite.

I personally love this idea of a private dipping pool with a view! Sooo romantic!

This shape is smart, allowing a downstairs seating area while from the pool seeming like an infinity pool with the ocean in the background.

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