February 11, 2013

Bridesmaids inspiration board

This is the inspiration board I made for our wedding last August (2012). I had 3 lovely bridesmaids who traveled from afar to be there for my special day. Each one represented a special part of my life. Rosalie, my childhood friend from Australia, Michelle, my teenage friend from Sweden, and Aleksandra my adult friend from Italy.
I wanted them to chose their dresses themselves, as I wanted them to wear something they were comfortable wearing. Also, I've never liked the idea of everyone wearing matching clothes. It just feels so stale.

My 3 bridesmaids all chose lovely dresses and we all looked amazing on the day. We went to the hairdresser in the morning where we got our hair done in similar up-dos: Side chignon. Mine was a bit more elaborated but otherwise quite similar.
I had also made silk flowers for each of us to have in our hair, in order to make us all look similar despite the different dresses. In fact it all turned out very well.
(Official photos still to come). For general photos from the wedding check them out here to see the result!

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