May 26, 2013

DIY _ ladder

 This is a tutorial on how to make your own ladder. Mine is only for decoration purposes but it could be used as a proper ladder if needed. 
What you'll need:
_ wooden sticks that won't break under the weight of an adult. Depending on what type of wood you find, they'll need to have various diameters. How many depends on how high you want to make it. I had 2 1,5m long sturdy branches, and 4 branches of the same length, about 40cm long.
_ String. I used natural string twine.
_ a hand saw if they're not already in the right lengths.

I often start DIY projects without actually knowing what I'm going to do exactly or how it'll turn out. The gardener in the park downstairs had just cut of some Birch branches (which happens to be my favorite tree after the olive tree). So I took some of them without knowing what I was going to do with them. This is what I came up with, and now that I have a ready ladder, I actually don't know what I'll do with it. Haha. Any suggestions?

1. Use your two most sturdy branches as your vertical ones. Hold your smaller branch horizontally and tie your string around both. Wrap the string diagonally and tie a double knot the first time and then continue to wrap it around: diagonally in front, behind and up diagonally, around the top, diagonally down, in front and diagonally up.
If you are going to be using this ladder for real, you'll need to wrap it around more times than I have done here.

The finished ladder, which I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with it. But it looks good, doesn't it?
I'm either thinking to hang small pots from it, or photos, or actually, I have no idea!


  1. Hittade din blogg genom bröllopstorget och måste säga att du hade ett väldigt vackert bröllop och väldigt fin klänning. Jag gifte mig också förra året och hade mitt drömbröllop! :)

    Hanna, Kanada

    1. Hej Hanna!
      Tack ska du ha. Kul att du kom och titta på min blog. Hoppas att du tyckte om den. Vad roligt att du också har gift dig. Visst är det en upplevelse för livet? Tycker att själva planeringen är så himla kul.

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