May 26, 2013

DIY _ tin candle holders

 This DIY project is very simple. Wash your empty cans and take off the label. You might need to soak it for a short while in order to make it come off completely.
You'll need:

_ tin cans
_ a nail

_ a hammer
_ tea light candle

Take a nail and simply hammer in holes randomly in your tin can. It's easier to get it through if you place the nail in the down-curve of the tin. If you like you can also make patterns (hearts, circles, etc)
When you have enough holes you're done! You can either hang the cans up by threading a string through 2 of the holes or simply place them on your table as they are.
I hung mine up originally but took them down as the wind made them rattle, which was annoying. So now they're simply on the table and they look great. The light is really sweet and romantic and perfect for a DIY event.

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