October 31, 2010

kids rooms

I'm starting to get to the age that many of my friends are either pregnant or have already have kids. So here is some inspiration for you!:)

This interlocking "puzzle" carpet is by
Permafrost and is called Bear.
Carpet by Reuger Henning.

Cozy corner. I remember loving to make cubby houses under tables, in the car, in trees. Why not creating a cozy corner for your kid!
Blackboard paint can be bought in most paint specialized shops nowadays! A great way of stimulating the next Picasso or Pollack!
This is awesome! This is something you should ask an architect or builder to help you with as you don't want your kids falling to the ground.
A firemans escape pole in "my scandanavian retreat".

Looking for a quicker (and more fun) way to go down stairs? Here you have it!
Loft by London Architects.
Hiding spot!
An insert in a kids room by H20 architects.
A room by H20 architects.
Talk about a cool idea! This is an indoor climbing wall! If you're going to use these make sure that the wall is solid!


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  2. ooooh that carpet is so cute! & I want to slide down the stairs!!! xo