November 22, 2010


I've always loved low japanese style wooden beds. It gives a kind of "down to earth" feel and makes me feel safe. Perhaps it was a feeling grown from the fear of bunk beds as a kid? This is a lovely bed by Mash studios.
Simply, purely white. Always a classic! This is Atinobed.

Protected in a box. Bed by Metrofarm.

Rustic "home made" look.
Bedroom in the "Cubbyhouse". I found this while actually searching for inspiration for a kids cubbyhouse.

Lovely combination of details. Sadly I don't remember where I found this photo...
Cozy loft bed.
This is a bedroom from Villa Stoor, by Malin Stoor
Another bedroom from Villa Stoor, by Malin Stoor
Colourful bed-linnen

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