November 24, 2013

DIY Christmas decorations _ Christmas stars / flowers


This must be one of the easiest, yet cute decorations to make! Each star takes 2min to do and the cost is basically 0.
You'll need:
1 toilet paper roll per star (or decorative paper)
hole punch

1. Cut the toilet role into 6-8 pieces (each one is around 1 cm thick). Each circle will be a petal
2. Staple two circles together at the bottom of each one. You will now have 4 pairs.
3. Start stapling  the pairs together.
4. Punch a hole in one of your "petals" and thread a thread through the hole. Make it as long as you wish depending on if it will be a Christmas tree decoration, or as part of a garland.
If you are using decorative paper instead of a toilet paper role you'll have to add a step.
You will have to hold the circles in place when stapling the pairs together, as each one won't be a circle, but only a strip. It just takes a little extra patience, but it isn't too complicated.
The paper I used for these is wallpaper samples that I had left over from my wedding DIY decorations. In particular the unique ceremony programs:

What you need

2. cutting the toilet role into 1cm thick pieces.

3. Stapling the pairs together

Stapling the pairs with each other, creating our star / flower

The extra step when one is using decorative paper instead of toilet paper roles.

The finished star / flower.

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