November 24, 2013

DIY Christmas decorations _ clay Christmas tree decorations

This is a fairly simple decoration to make and the result is very sweet.
You will need:
Clay (white or natural)
cookie cutters or a knife
a small round object (I used a pencil)
a roller (I used a bottle)

Work the clay until it is soft.
Roll it out until it is about 3mm thick. Any thinner and you risk it to break and any thicker means it will take longer to dry.
Place your cutters out onto the clay in order to optimize the space. A smart way to get "2 in 1" is by placing a circular cutter and then a smaller cutter shaped as a heart or a star on the inside. This way you have one that has a circular shape with a star or heart hole, and one in the shape you placed on the inside.
You can carve a little message into the clay if you wish, or leave it plain. You can carve the year, family members names, or messages such as MERRY XMAS, LOVE, HOPE, etc.
Make a small hole in the top part of the shape in order to be able to thread a thread through the hole and hang it up.

An example of "2 in 1" shapes. A Circle with a heart or a star inside creates 2 pieces.

Clay decorations are put on a piece of paper to dry.

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