January 8, 2011

Creative sewing 1

Creative sewing.

I got a sewing machine for my birthday last year (August) and made some clothes. I searched the web for some inspiration and found a few gems. Princess Victoria of Sweden inspired me with her black and white dress. Despite it's a simple patern I think it's very elegant and flattering. Although my dress is completely different and simplified it's still a cutie I think.
Princess Victoria of Sweden and her black & white dress.

My version of the black&white dress.
This puff dress/skrit inspired me to start (but not finish) a wild patterned puff dress of my own.
Here's my puffdress which in this photo is nowhere near complete. In fact I'm standing in this akward position in order to keep it from falling apart. I never actually finished making it but perhaps I will give it another go towards spring!

This is my crazy colourful skirt that wasn't taken from anywhere in particular. The fabric is curtain fabric from Ikea and which I guess I am the only one to have made a skirt out of it. Girls give me heaps of compliments for it but guys seem to hate it.. lol.

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