January 13, 2011

Luxury vs. Budget I

When you start learning about design you can start to see the difference between a design piece and it's copy. It's not always easy though and at other times very obvious but one decides it's not important. The main reason one chooses the copy generally is the price. It's simply a choice.
I recently bought the coat hanger from Tiger for just 4 euros. I couldn't resist simply because I had seen the Charles Eames version live for the first time earlier that day and saw that it cost 250 euros. After having bought the Tiger coat hanger I went into Lagerhaus and saw that they also have a copy, (that I thought looked much worse than the Tiger one) for 14 euro. So I was very happy with my 4 euro budget coat hanger.

When it comes to the Moooi lamp, well it's a gem! It is truely beautiful. BUT I decided to make my own! I bought 400m (yes you need all of it) of plastic string used for wrapping presents, a yoga ball (that can obviously be cleaned and re-used) and paper machè glue. It took about 2 days all in all once I had everything I needed. A few hours to wind the string and a day for it to dry. Anyway, I'll do a detailed blog entry about that later on!

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  1. It must mean the lamp you made me is an original Milla design:-) I love it!