January 17, 2011

Books books books II

So what are the trends for bookshelves 2011?
- Shape: Variability - flexibility
- Boxes / wooden crates
- Materials: combine many different materials, colours.

Rustic + New = perfect.

We already saw this trend starting to come at the end of 2010 with the fact of mixing design furniture with rustic second hand pieces. Perfect for the bachelour trying to find things for his new home!
A simular trend was seen in the 1920's when a lot of discoveries were being made in terms of materials. And then again in the 1950's when the use of second hand-recycled materials were being used. A well-known architect and furniture designer was Charles Eames. His bookshelves shown at the bottom of this article he combines different materials, colours, open and closed compartments, etc.
So why has this trend come again now?
Since we started keeping our eyes open for eco-friendly, recyclable, and low cost housing and furniture, it becomes natural to look for second hand furniture. In fact, what's the point of making new furniture if we already have them available? And what makes a home more personal than combining "randma's old rocking chair" with the latest design?

Photo from Kråvik & D'Orazio.
Swedish design - Svenskttenn.
The bookshelf "Alternata" where the different compartments can be combined however suits you best.

Collect _ Wis design.
Collect _ Wis design.
Collect _ Wis design.
Isn't this one sweet? It's called "Unique_standard"
In fact it uses low-cost wood.
Kast _ Maarten Van Severen
Infinity _ Flexform
Infinity _ Flexform.

Sistema _ CapelliniCharles Eames bookshelf

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