January 5, 2011

My window drawing

One day I was sitting by my window studying and the sun was shining in creating a lovely shadow on the wall. I had heaps of plants in my deep window sill and the leaves of one of my scrawny pot-plants created a defined and elegant patern. So in order to make this patern permanent I decided to take a break from studying and paint it onto the wall. (No, you don't want me to rent your apartment *lol*). I scetched the pattern to begin with and then filled in the first part in black watercolour. The initial idea was to make it all black, like the shadow but then decided to add some colour in the other parts. So I chose 3 colours that fit well together and that was that. Here is the result:


  1. I like!! / Mimsie

  2. Nice! Very creative! I once draw some camels on my wall and then felt they needed some pyramides and a sun and then my Mom freaked out and redecorated the whole room.