March 10, 2011

Architecture doll house II

My doll house is coming along well. For the begining of the "making of" click here. Yesterday I made the cement kitchen out of DAS. Das dries completely after about 2 days (depending on the size of the object you make) in room temperature. I did it in two parts: first the bench top and then the part that the benchtop sits on. When it had almost dried I used staples to make the gas stove.  I let it dry benchtop down in order to make sure it would remain straight.  I also made four lampshades out of cement that were supposed to resemble Benjamin Huberts cement lamps. Not sure if I suceeded but I really like them. I'm only going to use 3 of them and hang them on a twig that I found on my terrace the other day. Quite a scandinavian look I think. 
The making of the kitchen and Hubert lights.
Setting up the stage.
The cement items are left to harden.
The Benjamin Hubert lamps.
The kitchen section. The lights are going to go diagonally over the kitchen top and not hang out the front like this.
A detail of the kitchen top. Staples were used in order to make the gas stove.
Another version with the Moooi lamp. The Random Moooi light will hang in the corner of the left side.

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