March 9, 2011

Architecture doll house

I decided to re-new my doll house. I have lovely porcelain dolls that my grandma hand made! I also have some beautiful wooden furniture that I was givien to by my grandpas syblings when I turned 12. I used to love playing with doll houses when I was a kid and perhaps that was the begining of my architecture career? I also played with Lego, so I'm thinking that these two things combined were good for developing my creativity. This isn't actually a complete doll house but more like a "show room".I started looking at modern furniture for dollhouses this Christmas and realised that they are extremely expensive! The mini models of famous furniture such as the Myran chair, cost the same amount as a full-sized one. So that's when the thought came along that I should make my own mini-furniture. I had already made a Mies Van der Rohe chair for a university model so I knew that it was possible. That chair was in a smaller scale than this room will be but at least I knew it was possible. All the furniture won't be copies of famous furniture. So far I only know I'll make a "Moooi Random light" and a Benjamin Hubert light. There'll be a cement kitchen with a rustic dining table. And maybe a library area in the oposite corner with a bookshelf (have to deside which one in that case). So far so good. I will post another entry later on with the updates!
The transformation of the doll house began by ripping out all the old flower wall paper. I was going to paint on top of it but it had some bubbles so I decided to be proper and rip it off first. Sadly I must've been pretty careful when putting it on in the first place as there was heaps of glue and really difficult to get off.
This was in today's shopping bag! DAS to make a "cement" kitchen. And then I found Felt! Perfect for the carpet!
I wanted my carpet to look like the fury woolen carpets and when I saw this I realised it was perfect. 5 pieces for 40 cents! Immagine what one would have to pay for a doll house carpet in a doll house shop! I should sell the other 4 on ebay!
I made a Moooi Random lamp! How cool is this? I covered a ping-pong ball with normal paper glue and started winding the string around it. After doing a layer I cut the string and simply glued the end on. I repeated this until the ping pong ball was completely covered.
The painting has begun. It's much easier to paint a doll house than a real house (quicker at least). The colour of the walls is a grey with a tad of blue.
Walls have been painted in a grey-blue, roof painted in white, floors will stay wooden and have been oiled. The room will be an open plan kitchen/living area.

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  1. Hello Dude,

    Wonderful plan for doll house designing. Modern architecture doll house is made from ecologically farmed bamboo and finished with low VOC soy resin. Thanks a lot...