March 2, 2011

Louise Kamman Riising and Pernille Kaalund

 As usual whenever I post something on here I always get super excited. This is a styling project done by Louise Kamman Riising and photographed by Pernille Kaalund of Heyhome design. Now to be quite honest I couldn't find much information about this particular work despite the photos are all over the internet. And I also don't know how many of the individual pieces of furniture and design were just chosen by them, or whether they were created by them. For example this first bird lamp is so cute. I'm pretty sure they exist out there as I have seen other photos with it (I'm soo gonna steal this idea for the future, despite I've already made alterations to it in my mind). The twig lamp is also super sweet (I have alterations to that as well, hehe). As a whole I think this styling project is very nice and wholesome.

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