March 27, 2011

Herzog & De Meuron

 Herzog & De Meuron are probably one of my very favorite architecture studios. The main reason for this is their lovely use of materials in inovative ways. One of my favorites is the Caixa Forum in Madrid, which I was lucky enough to visit last summer when we went to Madrid and Valencia.
The rusted metal becomes more and more porous as it reaches up towards the sky. The lovely patern creates an amazing light on the inside.
The entrance of the museum is under the main floor. The stairway is the only part touching the ground (as well as the pilars).

A close-up of the rusted material

This is the entrance area. The whole part underneath the floor where you enter the building is highly reflective creating a greater sense of space.

This would have to be one of the most impressive green walls ever! The plants on here are huge! Also the colouring and shapes of plants has been very well chosen.

Inside the resturant on the top floor. The light in here is amazing. It's almost like natural light one would get when light is filtered through tree branches.

The lovely shadows created by the porous material.

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