March 8, 2011

Creative sewing_penguin jumpers

 I finished making the Christmas presents for all the kids about a month ago! They took a bit longer than I had expected to make so they got them a bit late. But at least then they don't get all the presents together, hey? They're all unisex using a brown velour fabric and details in a olive green jersey fabric with brown and white penguins!
The velour fabric is so soft and cozy!
I started by making the largest one for Lava (4) and worked my way down. The second two were for Tova (3,5) and Johannes (3) then for William (1,5) and Lima (1,2) and the last one was for Vida (0,5). I'm going to make one more but since the baby will be born in the middle of May so I still have some time! 
It was a lot of fun and very satisfying at the end, but I think next year I'll just buy the presents ready-made! :)
 Jumpers for Tova (3,5), Johannes (3) and Lava (4).

 The largest of the jumpers for Lava, age 4, is a bit more "mature" without the penguins on the pocket.
 Close-up of the hood.
Detail of the penguin fabric on the sleeves.

Adorable Lima (1,5). Could you ask for a cuter model? A quarter malaysian and 3/4 swede. SO cute! 

Lima, 1,5, modelling the penguin jumper.

My cousin Jenny's beautiful daughter, Tova (3,5).

Cutiepie Tova (3,5) modelling.

Sweet Tova (3,5).
 Lava (4) and Vida (6 months).

 I love this cheeky photo! Sweetest sisters in the world! Lava (4) and Vida (6 months).

Here's Johannes eating a yummy ice cream. Isn't he sweet? It seems like I made the sleves too long for everybody.. 

Just waiting for one more photo (william) and the collection will be complete. I also have to make one more jumper for my boyfriends sisters baby-to-be, which will be born in the middle of july (can't wait!).

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