October 31, 2011

Wedding inspiration _ Alternative Guestbooks

 I like to be original. Or at least as original as possible. Since I'm showing you pictures it means that these things have been done before and I'm not the first one. I actually did have the idea of a wish tree before I found pictures of it online.  
What is a wish tree?
It's a tree that you might have near your ceremony location (or that you bring there in a large pot) where the guests will write their wishes to the newlyweds on a piece of paper and tie it up on the tree. The notes can then be put into a scrapbook from the wedding together with photos, etc. 

Using an olive tree as a wish tree according to me has a lot of symbolic meanings. The olive tree grows for centuries and is a very slow grower. It will therefore outlast the generations and keep standing strong. It's very resistant and can handle most warm climatic climates. It's also a beautiful tree to look at and I love the olive green leaves! 

Placing an old typewriter and some old paper is a sweet idea for a guestbook.  The notes are bound to get a unique style! 

The fingerprint tree. Each guest leaves a fingerprint on the tree  to symbolize leaves. It could be a frontcover idea for the actual guestbook. 

I liked this farm-style guestbook location.


  1. great ideas for alternative guestbook ;)

  2. Thanks babe! :) I think it looks great and is a nice eco-friendly idea!

  3. Any wedding for you soon? You even have a dog, so it's about time! :-D