October 3, 2011

Wedding inspiration _ cakes and cake toppers

White chocolate flake wedding cake with honey rings.

This is a wedding cake a friend of mine made. It looks great! I love the white chocolate flakes. My only question is, what happens when you cut a slice?
A fun smartie wedding cake. Very colourful and sweet.
Doesn't this cake look so yummy? Milk chocolate rings cover the cake inside.

I like how the wattle flowers give colour to the otherwise very traditional cake. Wattle is also the national flower of Australia and the flower often used in Italy to symbolize female rights.

A white chocolate dessert buffè. It looks so good. The negative thing about having a buffé is that you have to consider more than one per person, as many people will want to try more than one type. Positive part is that everybody is bound to find something that they like!

A muffin wedding cake stand. This has become very popular in America and has spread around the world. Cupcakes are also used for childrens parties, baptisms, etc.

And here are some fun, sexy, sweet cake toppers that I have considered. I think I am going to make my own personal one using cernit (is that what it's called?). Exactly what it will look like will be a surprise!
A sexy cake topper. The bride and groom can have personalised hair colours.

I love this celebrating couple!

A cheeky bride slaps her husband. From the front it looks like a traditional cake topper and from the back it has this detail.

A personalised cartoon cake topper. I can't remember where I found this, but the girl who makes them can completely personalise them. Everything from dress details, to grooms suit, hair, etc.

Another drunk newly wed couple.

The groom has had one too many VB's!

A bride drags her nerdy husband to the wedding!

This couple is getting slightly tipsy after celebrating their wedding.


  1. The second last is really good =)

  2. ohhh I love it...they are adorable..these wedding cakes are unique...their tops are great...

  3. Beautiful wedding cake as well as wedding cake toppers. Love it! Thanks for sharing this post to us.