October 26, 2011

Wedding inspiration _ Castello Scaligero di Malcesine

 So after looking for a dream location for our wedding all around the world, we finally found this amazing place! It's the Scaligero Castle of Malcesine, on Lake Garda. It combines the cinderella dream of getting married in a castle as well as having the gorgeous view of the lake. (I've always wanted to get married close to water). Lake Garda (Lago di Garda) is a gorgeous lake in general. It's surrounded by 2000m high mountains that look breathtaking. The colour of the water is clear blue which is unusual for lakes in general which tend to have a more brownish colour. The temperatures are lovely in wintertime and many people come to do different water sports such as windsurfing, sailing. The cities around the lake are quite small and very turistic. The clustered harbour villages are bustling and have a lot of good restaurants and shops. There are also quite a lot of beaches to go swimming. If you don't have a car you can get inbetween the main cities by ferryboat. It is rather slow, but it is an enjoyable trip. From the most northern point to the most southernly it takes almost 2,5 hours. Trips inbetween Malcesine and Limone only take 15min and it is a good chance to see 2 villages at once. The cabin cars will take you to the top of Mount Baldo (1700m) from Malcesine and give you a spectacular view of the lake.
Also while near Lago di Garda, why not visit the gorgeous city of Verona? See a show at the ancient roman arena. Also Venice is not too far away and is probably the most unique city in the world with it's roads of water!

The Scaligero Castle of Malcesine and the beautiful city of Malcesine right on the lake Garda. A dream location for a wedding!

The lake and the castle when you arrive from the north. Isn't it stunning?
These are the first set of steps leading up to the garden beneath the terrace.

Stunning view from the castles terrace where the outdoor wedding would take place.

The seating for the guests. During the ceremony they are covered with white pillows.

Can it get any better than this? No I don't think so! What a gorgeous outdoor dream wedding!

The gorgeous terrace of the castle overlooking lake Garda.

Lovely view of the old city center of Malcesine and the lake in the background.

The covered area where the bride and groom will sign the registry and be wed!
These are the stairs leading up to the castles terrace where the outdoor weddings take place. The steps are all rounded cobble stones and rather difficult to walk on. Good to keep in mind when chosing shoes and for guests that might have difficulties climbing the stairs.
Some of the gardens inside the castle.
This is the room where one gets married in case its bad weather *crossing our fingers it won't be*. The room is quite nice with large windows overlooking the lake. They have seats for 50 and standing for an extra 30.
There are many great spots to take the wedding photos. For example this one: a gap between the castle walls overlooking Lake Garda and the mountains in the background. Quite spectacular!

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  1. Fan vad ni kommer ha en underbar dag. Njuuut nu av all planering och tiden innan. Det gjorde inte jag utan det blev bara stress och sånt innan. Kraaaam