October 31, 2011

Wedding inspiration _ Hair II

 This is the second edition to hair inspiration for your wedding day. The first one can be read by clicking here. I am planing my own wedding and trying to decide how to have my hair.
I know I don't want a full on veil, but I am considering wearing one of these small birdcage veils during the ceremony itself and then taking it off during the dinner. They can be easily made yourself by buying some large scale netting, a hair comb clip, a flower (or you can even make this yourself as well out of organza or tulle). I'll make a proper tutorial if I get around to making it myself!

This is not a full birdscage just a piece of netting covering a part of the face, but I really like the effect. 

These unique handmade hairpieces are quite sweet and give a bit of a relaxed hippie feel. 

Birds cage nr.2.

Birds cage nr.3

Birds cage nr. 4. 

Birds cage nr. 5. 

Real flowers in the hair creates a Hawaii beach wedding look.  

Organza hair clips

Organza hair clips with some netting.

A flower hair clip with feathers.

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